Should I Attend a School Where Their Accreditation is on Probation?

Making the choice to extend your education is always a wise decision. The more you expand your knowledge base, the more versatile you become in your profession of choice. Having a degree or certification is a statement that alone speaks volumes regarding the person who attained that education. Where you get your education from also speaks volumes. For some employers getting an education from an accredited institution is piece of mind. They know that the education you received is relevant and current. But not all jobs require schooling from an institution with accreditation.

What is accreditation?
All institutions of higher learning are required to register with the US Department of Education. In this, there are certain standards that are imposed to ensure that the institution is providing the highest quality of education to its student. These standards are set by numerous factors but are dependent on what is required by the current labor force. For a school to become accredited, it must pass a series of evaluations that rate the schools ability to maintain certain education standards. Once the school has demonstrated that it is within those standards, it is then given the accreditation and placed on a national list.

What is accreditation probation?

When a school has achieved its accreditation, it is required to maintain these standards and is evaluated on a regular basis. To maintain this accreditation status, records and facilities must be kept in order to maintain a proper learning environment. When a school has failed to meet the requirements of the accreditation in an evaluation, it is placed on accreditation probation. The school then has a certain amount of time to respond to their discrepancies and report how the institution is planning on rectify them. If the school fails to respond in due time or fails to resolve the discrepancies, the accreditation is then revoked.

Should I choose a school on probation?

Schools with proper accreditation are acknowledged throughout the country as being quality institutions of learning. They are looked upon as being well within industry standards and its students are assured the best education possible. This, in turn, exudes a great deal of confidence in employers. Schools on probation surely have an opportunity to regain their accreditation but the fact is that there are plenty of schools out there, with accreditation, that provide a similar curriculum.

Other Factors to Consider

Before you decide on which school is best for you, it is best to consider your education purpose. In some industries, it is the certification that validates the education, not the school itself. This is usually because the certification is monitored by an industry standard (such a Microsoft or OSHA). Some industries, such as the information technology industry, consider valid certifications as equal counterparts to degrees. In this case, school accreditation isn’t always necessary.

If you’re looking to attain a degree, it’s a good idea to choose a school that has it’s accreditation in tact. If you’re already enrolled or your preferred school is on accreditation probation, then consider doing the research on why they are on probation. Investigate whether the school is taking the measures to reestablish the accreditation or if they are simply going to let it drop. If it is the latter, then your best option is to either transfer or move along to a school with its accreditation maintained.